Geoselect for ArcGIS 10 in release

Geoselect for ArcGIS 10 in release.
Home page http://geoselect.geoblogspot.com/
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Geoselect is the commercial ArcGIS extension that collects data sources of the current active project to one folder in the specified format, adapts the project (mxd) to the new data, checks of duplicates, projects all layers to uniform coordinate system


KMLer for ArcGIS 10 in release

KMLer for ArcGIS 10 in release!
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KMLer is the ArcGIS 10 extension for professional work with Google Earth from ArcGIS. 


Export to KML 
Convert vector layers into Google Earth *.kml or *.kmz files. Google Earth file path set path, name and type (kml or kmz) of output file. Option Convert each object as a placemark by check create from each geometry object one placemark in kml file. All visible fields add to tags and . For lines and polygons automate create also label placemarks. Option Distribute features using a categories legend by check create for each visible category of legend new folder. If option checked, then also make styles Google Earth placemarks as in ArcMap legend. From Label field, containing list of visible fields, you select labels for placemarks. Group Add to description make additional parameters to baloon of each placemark. Option Search link by check create for each placemark string of Google search by placemarks name. Option Maps link by check create for each placemark string of Google Maps search by placemarks position. Option Feature class metadata active only for imported from Google Earth feature class. By check add to each placemark string of tag from metadata. Extrude options contain altitude mode and list for select field or set Z value of placemarks. Attribute field select from numeric visible data fields. Option Open in Google Earth by check automate open new data in Google Earth and zoom to it.

Import from KML