KML2KML 2.7.16 in release

KML2KML 2.7.16 in release

New features:

Vertical mapper tools. Creates a vertical map on the basis of images and KML file that contains the path or polygon.


Buffer tool features is improved

GMaps tiler tool features is improved

GMap tiles - http://mapinaction.appspot.com/Event.html?k=agttYXBpbmFjdGlvbnIOCxIGUmVjb3JkGKSZAQw -
GE KML - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/470962/kml/tiles/o-39-108/o-39-108-url.kml

Create Screenoverlay
The tool for creating Google Earth screen overlays

License Standard Plus Pro
Import (except shp) x x x
Import (include shp) x x
GMaps Tiler Improved! x x x
Create Screenoverlay New! x x x
Vertical mapper New! x x x
Regions x x x
Assembly x x x
Distribute x x x
Reorganize x x x
Photo track x x
3D Surface x x
KML to 3D x x
Superoverlay PRO

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