KML2KML 2.7.16 in release

KML2KML 2.7.16 in release

New features:

Vertical mapper tools. Creates a vertical map on the basis of images and KML file that contains the path or polygon.


Buffer tool features is improved

GMaps tiler tool features is improved

GMap tiles - http://mapinaction.appspot.com/Event.html?k=agttYXBpbmFjdGlvbnIOCxIGUmVjb3JkGKSZAQw -
GE KML - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/470962/kml/tiles/o-39-108/o-39-108-url.kml

Create Screenoverlay
The tool for creating Google Earth screen overlays

License Standard Plus Pro
Import (except shp) x x x
Import (include shp) x x
GMaps Tiler Improved! x x x
Create Screenoverlay New! x x x
Vertical mapper New! x x x
Regions x x x
Assembly x x x
Distribute x x x
Reorganize x x x
Photo track x x
3D Surface x x
KML to 3D x x
Superoverlay PRO


Vertical Geological map of the main shaft surface

Vertical Geological map (slice) of the main shaft surface
Generated by KML2KML Vertical mapper tools. Testing.

main shaft surface.kmz


Geologic slices and maps in GE.

Geologic slices and maps in GE.
Ver 2.0

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Download KML

KML is updated
New distributed KML structure

Level 1
Pictures - Picasa web

Level 2 Collada model template (segment)

Level 3 KML file (geomodel)