Team of Russian developers ready to participate in the development of software. Complicated tasks solved with ease...

Our experience is in development of Google Geo-spatial applications (e.g. Google Earth, Google Maps, KML):
Desktop (MS .Net) stand alone (Superoverlay, KML2KML ... ) applications (see http://www.geoblogspot.com/ for details) as well as the
Web2 (Google App Engine, AJAX, Django, Python, Php) applications (see http://www.geoblogspot.com/#TOC-Web-services, http://mapwiki.geoblogspot.com)

We also have developed ArcGIS (ESRI) extensions:
ArcGIS Desktop (MS Net) extensions such as KMLer, Typeconvert, Geoselect, Isoliner, Slice3D http://www.geoblogspot.com/

In addition we also have developed custom applications (Net, Nokia smartphones) such as Pict Earth system http://pictearthusa.com/

Check out our latests news
http://blog.geoblogspot.com/ - en
http://news.eastgeology.com/ - ru

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