To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Valery Hronusov as an expert in developer Google Maps, Earth, and KML applications. I've worked with Valery over the last two years, and he has shown a phenomenal ability to develop key geographic applications. His work on SuperOverlay, KML2KML and other applications has been a great benefit to Geo developers world wide, and I always recommend them to developers working with our products. Valery is one of the worlds great experts on KML in particular, and has helped us push Google Earth to be better by his deep understanding of KML and his thoughtful suggestions. If you are considering anyone to help out on any geo related project, I would recommend Valery be that person.
Mano Marks
Geo Developer Advocate
Google, Inc.


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Unknown said...

You well deserve this and many more recomendations Valery...Congratulations for you! =)