Embed SketchUp 3D model. Widget

Embed SketchUp 3D model (widget)

Example for gadget
- add gadget yo your iGoogle page


Arq. Alejandro Gomez Romero said...

Could you explain how you do this? embed sketchup models into your blog. I have a few models uploaded on the warehouse wich I like to show on my blog too Plz could you explain how yo did it?

Val said...

I manually write html code for this

SnowTiger said...

I too am interested in learning how to link my own models to this gadget in my blogs (and maybe my website). Detailed info would be appreciated. Especially regarding where to get the appropriate KML files needed.

Preston wood and associates said...

Валерий Хронусов (Valery35)

what is the HTML Code for this?

Val said...

Google update 3D warehouse and post about this.

Unknown said...

How did you get this to work without linking to Google Warehouse?