World Kimberlites Database

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CITATION: Faure, S. 2006. World Kimberlites CONSOREM Database Version 2006-2. Consortium de Recherche en Exploration Minérale CONSOREM, Université du Québec à Montréal, Numerical Database on www.consorem.ca. NOTE: This publicly available database results of a compilation of other public databases, scientific and governmental publications and maps, and various data from exploration companies reports or Web sites. If you notice errors, have additional kimberlite localizations that should be included in this database, or have any comments and suggestions, please contact the author specifying the ID of the kimberlite: faure.stephane@uqam.ca


ng2000 said...

Newdatabases.com hosts free msaccess databases look-alikes for windows. Might offer something helpful.

ia said...

note that in this kml view many coordinates are wrong!
many pipe names are also wrong!