MapWiki v3.0 in Action

Chris Glazier, Valery Hronusov

New page http://villagegis.com/clients/syracuse/syracuse_PI.html is available.

Public input can be tracked using Google based mashups and GEmap. This page can be used by users that are "Logged In" or Anonymous Users, and data can be monitored and maintained by application administrators. The display is fast and easy to use. Events are categorized and placed by pulldown menus and custom icons. Web users can see placemarks, categorized by type and all events are assigned to a unique city domain in the database. Time animated KMLs can be generated from displayed data and sent to Google Earth.
Commuters, residents, officials, tourists, businesses, and others can add his placemarks (points, lines, polygons) along with event info. A Time stamp is automatically added and can be display in KML time-animation in Google Earth. The Map display can be changed to use Map, Satellite, Earth 3D mode functions (with GE plugin).

Mayors and City Councils can track, visualize and display information concerning community complaints, comments or concerns, with user contact information or without. Data can be retrieved via GeoRSS Feed.

Administration accounts can upload KML data as an overlay. Data from our maps also can be used as KML overlay. New functionality with the ability to upload multiple KMLs and joins is anticipated. We can join cities maps into level of state.
There is a very large potential for this web functionality as Public Input is often a major factor in the success of Regional Development or Transportation Projects. Public opinions require tracking and analysis for assuring best outcomes and acceptance.
Example of a primary map (city)
Permalink: http://gemap.appspot.com/index.html?k=agVnZW1hcHILCxIEQ2l0eRigCQw
RSS: RSShttp://gemap.appspot.com/RSS?k=agVnZW1hcHILCxIEQ2l0eRigCQw
KML: http://gemap.appspot.com/DB2KML?k=agVnZW1hcHILCxIEQ2l0eRigCQw

Edit mode is available

This mapwiki is also available as Gadget to IPhone users and iGoogle environment. You can add this gadget into spreadsheets or pages.

Our site for testing and development http://sites.geoblogspot.com/mapwiki/

List of maps is available. You can see difference set of icons, topics. Difference languages is supported.
We can include KML feed from one map into other maps.
As example:
Utah map = North Ogden map + Salt Lake City map + Syracuse map
KML data to Utah from cities added automatically.

Example of user defined icons, language and topics you can see in Perm map (Russia)

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