My trip. Saratov, Moscow.


Valery35's Saratov 2008 photosetValery35's Saratov 2008 photoset


Valery35's Moscow 2008 photosetValery35's Moscow 2008 photoset


KML2KML is an application including tools for reorganization and optimization of your kml/kmz data.
Assembly tools is added

Assembly is the tools fof assembling of all data under network links into one and collect all overlay resources in one folder or KMZ file. We can use results for desktop (enterprise) solution without of internet.

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Mineral Resources. World

Metallic and nonmetallic mineral resources. Included are deposit name, location, commodity, deposit description, geologic characteristics, production, reserves, resources, and references.
Credits: http://tin.er.usgs.gov/mrds/

Europe and Russia
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Australia and Oceania

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South America.
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Caribbean islands
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North America without of USA and Canada

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Oregon and Washington
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Arizona and Nevada

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Idaho and Utah
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New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana
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Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota
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Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota
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Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky
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Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan
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Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
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Virginia, West Virginia, District Of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware
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New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine
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Hawaii, Puerto Rico
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World network links (300000 objects)
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Google GEO. Labels.

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Home page
In new version of Labels, I've added a permanent link to the KML file.
Now you can use the permanent link to generate labels without having
to save and then share them.

How to use the permanent link:
1. Enter the address and press Center Map
2. Press Move to center
3. Enter your text, set the style
4. Press Refresh
5. Go to bottom of the page and select KML Permalink
6. Copy text of permanent link to clipboard - Example
7. Open GMaps and paste link in the Searth Maps box
8. See and enjoy results, then save it to My Maps
9. Press Link to this page and select Paste HTML to embed it in a
or Customize and preview embedded map
10. Copy HTML to clipboard and paste it into your blog or web page
11. See results, enjoy.


Jackalope. Dynamic map.

Now we can see one in real time!
Experts fear that the Jackalope could become extinct within the next five years if serious action is not taken. Secure a future for the Jackalope! Call on Congress to outlaw the hunting of Jackalope until the species is revived. Because all of God’s creatures deserve our protection!
Home Jackalope page

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Yukon geologic maps

Yukon geologic maps
Surficial Geology. Stewart
Bedrock Geology Polygons
Bedrock Geology Lines
Credits: http://www.nrcan-rncan.gc.ca/com/index-eng.php
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