Superoverlay 1.8.1

New Update to Superoverlay: v1.8.1 Released

Amazon S3 connections... (F7)
Amazon S3 connection and service.

In first you must enter Access KeyID and Secret KeyID. In next you can upload data in S3-service.
To upload your data in S3-service, specify "output file" in a following format:
"S3\[bucket name]\[kml file name]"
For example, "S3\California\California_Start.kml".
The bucket will be created automatically, if it doesn't exist.
To view your data uploaded, use "S3 Explorer". You can manage your data,
using "S3 Explorer" (add/remove buckets, generate links, upload/download files manually, Drag&Drop).

You can save KML on local drive and upload with S3 explorer in next

See also Superoverlay doc.

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