Superoverlay 2.0.1 beta 2

http://xbbster.googlepages.com/superoverlay in beta 2

New features in S3 explorer, KMZ generation
Size of tiles and Region parameters calculation is supported.

View in Google Earth - Burning Man 2007 photos is updated.

You can download last version from http://xbbster.googlepages.com/superoverlay.rar


Superoverlay 2.0 beta

New version of Superoverlay 2.0 http://xbbster.googlepages.com/superoverlay in beta.
You can download last version from http://xbbster.googlepages.com/superoverlay.rar

Version 1.8.1 - 1.8.2
Build: 20.09.2007

- S3 Explorer interface is improved.

Version 2.0.0
Build: 21.09.2007

- KML structure is reorganized.

View in Google Earth


Pict Earth missions. Superoverlays.

Burning Man Aerial Photography.
View in Google Earth
Low and medium resolution images.
Contact our team to get the full resolution http://pictearth.com/about.html

More photos see in Flickr
Burning man 2007 http://flickr.com/photos/pictearth/sets/72157601951408001/

Skyhaven 2007_06_09
View in Google Earth
Full list of mission pictures see http://flickr.com/photos/pictearth/sets/72157600330002647/

Torry pines. 2007-07-06
View in Google Earth
Full list of mission pictures see http://flickr.com/photos/pictearth/sets/72157600689190363/


Superoverlay 1.8.1

New Update to Superoverlay: v1.8.1 Released

Amazon S3 connections... (F7)
Amazon S3 connection and service.

In first you must enter Access KeyID and Secret KeyID. In next you can upload data in S3-service.
To upload your data in S3-service, specify "output file" in a following format:
"S3\[bucket name]\[kml file name]"
For example, "S3\California\California_Start.kml".
The bucket will be created automatically, if it doesn't exist.
To view your data uploaded, use "S3 Explorer". You can manage your data,
using "S3 Explorer" (add/remove buckets, generate links, upload/download files manually, Drag&Drop).

You can save KML on local drive and upload with S3 explorer in next

See also Superoverlay doc.


Nearby stars classes

Spreadsheets Sky calculator http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=phRmoRD2Q-V-MoFCsmmkEEw

- 189 nearby stars of class G (Sun = G2)
- 9 nearby stars of class A
- 106 nearby stars of class F
- 399 nearby stars of class K
- 465 nearby stars of class M
- 123 nearby stars of class WD


Credits: http://www.nstars.nau.edu

View in Google Earth

Very good article about Sky spreadscheets tools see in Ogle Earth blog
Content for Google Sky: Nearby stars, Astronomy Picture of the Day
Thanks, Stefan!


GE 4.2. Photo overlay. Examples.

Google solar panel project. Photooverlay.

View in Google Earth

Olivenhain. Photo overlay. Example.
Pict Earth flickr photo collection

View in Google Earth

Genova 1661 (Vatican collection).
GE 4.2 photooverlay. Example of using for historical pictures.
Interest fact: altitude >5km (1661!)

View in Google Earth


GE 4.2 Embed flash in balloon

GE 4.2 Embed flash maps in balloon

Dynamic link by Barry Hunter

GE 4.2 Embed flash site in balloon


GE 4.2 Embed presentation (ppt or pdf files) in balloon