GE 4.2. Photo overlay. Embed video and flash.

Photo overlay examples:

Webcam realtime photo overlay! Refresh every 1 sec.
NOTE! If image not autorefreshed then click right mouse on placemark in tree of placemarks and press refresh in menu.
Download KML

Gray Eagle flight academy photos
Download KML

Photos from Cessna
Download KML

Embed video in balloon. Calavera.
Download KML

Embed slide show. Encinitas Ranch. Embed ning photo album.
Download KML


KMLer, Superoverlay. New versions.


NEW - Amazon S3 Service uploading is supported!
To upload your data in S3-service, specify 'output file' in a following format:
"S3\[bucket name]\[kml file name]".
For example, "S3\California\California
The bucket will be created automatically, if it doesn't exist.
To view your data uploaded, use 'S3 Explorer'. You can manage your data, using 'S3 Explorer' (add/remove buckets, generate links, upload/download files manually).

Version 1.7.0
Build: 07.06.2007
- "KMLer Aware" version. If you have KMLer PRO license, you can obtain Full (Standard) Superoverlay version now. If you are KMLer Pro user, you can create superoverlay projects directly from ArcGIS projects (see new KMLer version 2.0.4 or later, 'Create overlays' command)

Version 1.8.0
Build: 22.08.2007
- Amazon S3 Service uploading is supported.


Version 2.0.4
Build: 07.06.2007

- For PRO version only: 'Create overlays' function supports Superoverlay projects creation now directly from your ArcMap project.
You should only download and install Superoverlay 1.7.x or later and use your KMLer Pro license to obtain Standard 'Superoverlay' version.
IMPORTANT ! Doesn't supports specific image formats such as GeoTIFF and etc. yet

Version 2.0.4
Build: 13.06.2007
- Small bugs is fixed
- KMLer wokrs correctly with any system number decimal separator now (".",",")

Version 2.0.5
Build: 14.06.2007
- Feature class (shapefile) metadata is added to output kml file.

Version 2.0.6
Build: 22.08.2007
- Problems with 'Z-Service' and 'Shooting on a route' commands are fixed