Stop Needlessly Killing and Mounting Jackalope!

Jackalope are unarguably God's most regal creatures. Which is why they've become so popular among sports hunters over the past two decades.
But according to wildlife experts, Jackalope are a species in serious decline. The combination of over-hunting and global warming (which has made mating between the native white-tailed antelope and jackrabbits rare; antelope are forced from their native habitat in the Chipanaqua Mountain Range due to heavy snows) are killing off the current population of Jackalope and threatening the potential for new Jackalope offspring.

Experts fear that the Jackalope could become extinct within the next five years if serious action is not taken. Secure a future for the Jackalope! Call on Congress to outlaw the hunting of Jackalope until the species is revived. Because all of God’s creatures deserve our protection!

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