How to change refreshinterval on server ?

Work with the processes of real time requires the possibility to change the time of refresh on the server for all clients. This is required to carry out "in flight". Problem in the fact that networklink has already been located on client computer and we cannot it change.

I made this with use networklinkcontrol > minRefreshPeriod and propose an example of use. With one refreshinterval=1sec we see the actual time of refresh 2 and 5 sec. If we change on server minRefreshPeriod in networklinkcontrol then to all clients time of renovation also changed.

Time of refresh = min [ refreshinterval in networklink (client); minRefreshPeriod in networklinkcontrol (server) ]. We can simple set refreshinterval in networklink = 1 sec.

In KML docs i it did not find examples and publish the results of testing.

Network link

You can test this on the local computer, if you change path to KML files. On my computer this thus. You can edit minRefreshPeriod in kml files and see results.

In network links:
refreshInterval=1 sec

In placemarks we add section
NetworkLinkControl and
minRefreshPeriod=5 sec and
minRefreshPeriod=2 sec

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