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Yesterday started new blog by Matt Fox :

Google Earth Library

I am glad see my archives and links in GE Library. This blog is good solution of KML tagging.

Post about GE Library by Matt:


News sure travels fast

I started this blog 2 days ago on sort of a whim. I didn’t tell a single person about it because I
wanted to get a good amount of content on it first. I figured I’d have 2 or 3 weeks to populate it and then would start spreading the word. About six hours ago I enabled the feature that allows users to be able to post so I could test it out. Imagine my surprise when I got a user submission from Richardmtl regarding the Mexico City Metro System. And now I see I got a brief write up at Ogle Earth this evening. Still not sure how word got out so quickly, but I guess that’s a good thing :)

In case you’re wondering why the content right now is mostly environmental related, that is simply because that just happens to be where I started. But I will definately be adding all other types of content.

Anyway, please be patient with me while I finish getting everything set up. I’m going through right now and reformatting the first group of posts I made. I also decided to do things right and will be adding network links to all the posts. This means you can save as much of the content that is available here to your My Places folder as you want, and you won’t have to worry about Google Earth slowing down.

If you want to start an account an post some content, have at it, but please read this before you try to contribute something. This is all based on WordPress so it’s very easy to use and no knowledge of html is needed.

Contribute a Post

I have configured the blog so that registered users can contribute a post to the library. If you want to make a post, just create an account, log in, and click on “Write a Post”. I’m using WordPress, which has a very easy to use editor that doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML. I also have a template set up to make it very easy. Just click on the Manage tab when you log in and you will see the template.

Just write up a brief description, give it a title, insert any links, and pick some Categories. You can upload a screenshot or KML file. When you are done, just click on Save and next time I’m around I’ll add the screenshot, add new Categories (if needed), format it, and approve it. You can go back at a later time and edit your entry.

This is not intended for a single placemark of something interesting you found while browsing around. I’m not trying to compete with sites that have 1,000’s of files with information about one or two locations. I’m looking for content that goes beyond that, and generally falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • A) Shows off the technical abilities of Google Earth
  • B) Has significant educational value
  • C) Would be of interest to a large audience
  • D) Covers a large geographic area

My general philosphy is that the smaller the geographic area, the more detail should be presented. For example, a collection of all the McDonald’s fast food places in the world is good. A collection of the McDonald’s in your home town, not so good. But if you have a highly detailed study of something in your home town that contains numerous placemarks, overlays, etc. then that would probably be good.

If you want to do something more involved or make numerous posts, let me know and I can increase your privledges. I am willing to host image and KML files (within reason) that you might have.

Any questions, feel free to contact me.


Library have very good features:

GeoRSS Google Map - see posts in GMaps
GeoRSS Google Earth KML - see posts in GEarth

I make today first post. It is network link to data from GEC archive
World Designer - it is very easy.

Welcome to new project!


Kris said...

Where do other computer languages as WPL (World Processing Language) and Hypertalk (from Hypercard) come from? Congratulations with Hello World by Bo Majewski. Kris Roose (kroose@gmail.com)

Val said...

Hello, Kris.
You can add this languages himself :)
It is interest collection!
I simple add placemark to KML
You can continue this.