Superoverlay version 1.5.4

New features:
- 'Convert to 8-bit PNG' is now available ('convert to 8 bit' algorithm is improved)
Speed of work with 8 bit images now very fast.
- 'Invert black to white' option is added (useful for inverting black background to white). You can set white color as transparency and black as white for best show of labels and grid.

Improved features:
- full import of Groundoverlay parameters by add KML ( KMZ ) - altitude, timer tags, transparency, georeference.

We adapt Superoverlay to works with standard topomaps, geological and other thematic maps. If your map have small count of colors then you can use:
- 8bit output (png)
- transparency white color for remove background
- "invert black to white" option for see labels and grid in white color.
Google Eart support transparency in PNG files. 8bit PNG files have small size and see as optimal solution for standards maps.

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