Isoliner 1.0.7

New version of Isoliner. Isoliner is the ArcGIS extension for make grids and points theme with interpolate by Kriging's and triangulation method. Isoliner include additional 3D functions, interpolation by features, generation of random points.
Full gallery of images.

Large updates. Change structure of functions and license.

2D Kriging - free
2D Feature Kriging - free
3D Kriging - plus
3D Feature Kriging - plus
Interpolation By Raster - free
Interpolation By Mesh - plus
Interpolation By Triangulation - pro
3D Surface - pro
Create Triangulation - pro
Create Section - pro
Create Section By Plane - plus
Create Section By Profile - plus
Create track - plus
Convert Objects To 3D - free
Convert Raster To Points - free
Convert Mesh To Triangulation - pro
Import Objects To Mesh - plus
Import Objects To Voxel Mesh - pro
Random Points - free
3D Random Points - free
Random Point in Ellipse - free

Price: Standard / Plus / Pro versions - USD Free / 50 / 150

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