ArcGIS 9.2. Test of extensions.

We receive queries about work our extensions with ArcGIS 9.2. Now i have this software and began make first tests.
First software:
ArcGIS 9.1 with Net support, Net 1.1, Net 2.0
All extensions from list.
Part of extensions (Typeconvert, Geoselect, Isoliner, Slice3D) work with Net 1.1
Part of extensions (KMLer, Slide Analyst) work with Net 2.0
My steps:
1. Remove ArcGIS 9.1
2. Install ArcGIS 9.2 with Net support and SP1.
3. Open ArcGIS. See all old registrations of extensions.
4. Test Typeconvert 2.3.6, KMLer 1.4.0 and Geoselect 3.0.1 is Ok. I can convert polygon to polyline, convert to KML and public project.
5. With Slide Analyst 0.1.0 now problem. I not can run this and not can remove from computer.
6. Part functions of Isoliner 1.0.8 now not work. It is functions of raster generation. Mesh generation is ok. You can while not use raster generation. Same results you can see with points (mesh) generation. We add now Slide Analyst as free function of Isoliner, move Isoliner to Net 2.0. Next steps it is adapt Isoliner to ArcGIS 9.2.

As base results i while see simple recomendations:
- not need remove and reinstall extensions.
It is first test. In next days i write about next results.

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