Archive. Google Earth tutorials.

From my archives. Google Earth flash tutorials.
This tutorials i prepare for GE 3.x. Base of positions stored in GE 4.x also.
  1. Step 1 My first placemark (near 2.2Mb)
  2. Step 2. My first image overlay
  3. Step 3. My first network link
  4. How to use network links (near 1.6Mb)
Examples see in GEC (Google Earth communications).

Large collections of manuals you can see in Collected Google Earth Wisdom
and in
Rich Text Guide
Great help for GEC posters see also in Help for Google Earth Members by Chief Sparky

Other collection by Gerardo Paz AKA Gerardo64 include now:
- Marcas de Posición e Imágenes Superpuestas
- Share your Google Earth Placemark in Google Maps
- How to make a GeoRSS from RSS
- Cómo hacer GeoRSS a partir de RSS
- SketchUp Tutorials (Also others)
- Cómo usar una Planilla de Cálculo y Google Earth
- How to use a Spreadsheet & GE
- GE "Built In" Overlays

Google Earth team help&manuals:
GE Guide
KML Reference

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